So Thankful and Grateful

I have a giant list of things I’m grateful and thankful for!

My Family
My Friends
My Health
Freedom to do what I want
Being physically able to work out
Feeling optimistic about the future
Being able to enjoy the holidays

The morning of Thanksgiving I went spinning which set the day up with endorphins. We made the turkey and stuffing the night before, so when I got home from the gym, I just had some potatoes and roasted veggies to prepare before heading to my parents.

If I haven’t said that I am grateful for the Becoming Elli community before, let me say THANK YOU now. I know that this group, this community and my dear friend and co-host Jill has had a very positive impact on my life during the past few years.

Here we are entering December and I am feeling very thankful for so much in my life.

My weight is probably the most minor thing, but not gaining over Thanksgiving is a big accomplishment for me. And keeping the weight off is important to me for many reasons.

If I haven’t thanked you before, let me say it now, loud and clear: THANK YOU!!

1 thought on “So Thankful and Grateful”

  1. I’m equally thankful for the Becoming Elli community, the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast, and you, Chris. I’ll confess I gained a bit of weight over Thanksgiving but I imagine it will go away quickly.

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