Getting Veggies during My Big Bike Ride

I posted on Saturday about the fundraising bike ride that I was participating in over this past weekend. Even though I was not preparing any of my own food for the two days of the event, I was still on the lookout for getting my vegetables! Can’t really call this a full #veggiechallenge success, but here are a couple of veggies that I ate during the weekend.

The dinner on Saturday was a great veggie success at the Ashland College cafeteria! There we had an all-you-can-eat salad bar filled with many wonderful chopped vegetables and also a cooked-to-order vegetable bar. Many many other choices too, but I had the salad bar for my first plate. Then I opted for a big plate of steamed veggies mixed with olive oil (spinach, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, snap peas, shredded carrots and maybe cauliflower.) Delicious! Topped that off with dessert from their dairy bar/cookie area.

I was so tired after riding the first day, I completely forgot to take a photo until I finished. Oh well, you’ll have to just imagine.

This photo was my lunch on Sunday. I had a double serving of chicken salad with pecans, some salsa med/mild, bean salad with a heavy dressing of some sort, and a double serving of grapes. Throughout the ride, there were PBJ sandwiches, bananas, pickles and lots of junk food on the ride at each rest stop approximately 8-10 miles apart.

After I fully recover from all the riding and excitement, I’ll do a ride recap. Fun times and tired legs!

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