Veggie and Fruit Smoothie of Green Goodness

This veggie and fruit smoothie isn’t exactly within the parameters of the #VeggieChallenge, so let me explain! We’ve been working on our #VeggieChallenge for almost a year now!

At first, it was easy to try a new vegetable every week. I did pretty well with that for about the first 6 months or so. However, I’ll tell you 24 new vegetables are hard to come up with! (Let alone 52!!)

So then we modified it a bit. The veggie challenge became, try a new vegetable or a new vegetable recipe once a week. That actually went well too.

But this week, I’m going backwards. I’ve gone back to something I used to do quite a bit – veggie and fruit smoothies with a spinach base.

I used to drink these veggie and fruit smoothies on the way to the office, when I had a 30 minute commute back in 2014 and 2015. I was deleting the fruit and adding lemon. However, I found that one day I think I went too far. It didn’t go down right, or I had eaten them too many days in a row.

Now, I’m back to these with just a few days left in 2019, so I guess it took me several years or so to get my taste buds back for this.

I do have to say: This is a DELICIOUS way to enjoy your vegetables. So I’m posting this recipe today for my weekly #VeggieChallenge.

veggie and fruit smoothie

The ingredients are very simple:

  • Water
  • LOTS of spinach
  • carrots
  • celery
  • grapes
  • Granny Smith apple

If you like it super cold, you can add ice, but I since most of the ingredients are refrigerated and I use cold water, it’s fine for me without ice. For people who are into the macros,yes, this veggie and fruit smoothie is almost all carbs, but also has good fiber and nutrients as well.

veggie and fruit smoothie


I am alternating days with the veggie smoothies with other things so I don’t get into a rut and over do it!

What’s your favorite veggie/fruit smoothie? Leave a message and let me know. 330-970-6662 is the Becoming Elli voice mail. Thanks!

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