Daily Habit Change with Colette Harris

Episode 110

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In episode 110. Jill and Chris talk with Colette Harris about how she transformed her health and body with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

After she was diagnosed with Lipoedema and Fibromyalgia, Colette searched for recovery beyond pain medications. She made a series of daily habit changes over the course of several years to eliminate refined carbohydrates and sugar.

She tells about her experience in reducing inflammation, eliminating pain and finding a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Habit Change with Colette Harris

“Making small habit changes each day add up to BIG change.”

Colette is a health coach who lives in Lochwinnoch, Scotland and helps others with sugar detox and lifestyle transformations. She was in the U.S. Navy Reserves and enjoys traveling the world.

We discuss Daily Habit Change:

  • Lipoedema is not rare, 11% (predominately women) have it.
  • Genetic, thick legs, stress and hormone changes (puberty, pregnancy or menopause generally) bring it out.
  • How CBD oil helped with fibromyalgia pain
  • How she was able to detox from sugar with a 90 day program in 2020
  • What she eats now to maintain her health
  • Why detoxing in a community is more successful than trying to white knuckle it alone
  • It’s not just what you put in your body but also on your body.
  • Infrared sauna
  • Brown fat versus white fat.
  • Wim Hof breathing method
  • Vibration plate
  • Habits, discipline, motivation – it all takes much longer than 21 days and how little rewards (non food) work
  • Jon Gabriel meditation 10 minutes a day transformation
  • Freeze/Fawn response vs Fight/Flight or Rest/Digest

Daily Habit Change website: https://www.dailyhabitchange.com/

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