Seasonal and Life Changes

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In episode 69, Jill and Chris discuss seasonal and life changes and their effect on health, fitness and motivation.

Without many of the routines and goals from years past, it has been more challenging to maintain a strong mindset. Along with the challenges of pandemic, dealing with the change of season and life changes can add to the challenge. Jill and Chris discuss their struggles and strategies for coping.

We discuss:

• Races in real life
• Grief
• Emotional eating and feeling your feelings
• Strength training
Intermittent fasting
• Camping
• Honey healing effects
• Food allergens
• Walking in nature
• Injury
• Yoga

People react differently to seasonal and life changes and knowing yourself can help keep a steady hold on fitness habits and a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re new to our website and community, welcome! We encourage healthy eating, exercise and try to inspire each other to stay motivated to get the most out of life. Our Becoming Elli community is named for Elli, the Norse Goddess of Old age, who was challenged to a wrestling match with Thor… and won

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