Eat Well to Live Well – Heather Lentz

Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast Episode 23

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Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown talk with Heather Lentz about her opinions about food, diets, her roles as a health coach and director of wellness at at a well-respected green grocery chain and about her KOI Gourmet Skincare. She is a certified holistic health practitioner, food wellness advisor and good food advocate.

In episode 23, Heather discusses:

  • Food is medicine: Selling food-based supplements, super foods, and proteins, is the pharmacy of the future.
  • Veganism is great if you thrive on it. Not everybody does. Paleo/Keto works well for some. People should eat in the way that’s right for them, but there’s no one way of eating for everyone.
  • Obsessing too much on how to eat gets us into trouble. We think way too much about food. We give food way too much power.
  • A lot of it starts with body image. We think we have to look a certain way.
  • Our society is in a nasty cycle because we eat to lose weight and then we stress about it and the stress releases hormones that make you unable to lose weight or to gain weight.

Benefits of Eating Well for Women Over 50

Suggestions for women over 50 for ways improve their eating program for better living:

  • Greens are a power food and an excellent way to add vitamins into your eating.
  • For meat eaters: the best meat is grass fed (or pastured) local meat from some grocery stores or local farms or farmer markets. If can’t get that, look for (non-local) grass-fed. If can’t get that, look for organic.
  • Make sure you’re enjoying life and not obsessing over food and weight.
  • Know the source of your food, including where your fruits and vegetables are coming from and where your meat is coming from.
  • Switch to natural peanut butter.
  • If you eat meat alternative products, be sure to check the labels because some are highly processed. Look for ones where you recognize all of the ingredients.
  • Be sure to get Omega 3 fats
  • Everyone could benefit from taking turmeric, a good whole-food multi vitamin, a good B complex, and a probiotic.
Koi Beauty Bar

Heather created KOI Gourmet Skincare, a line of artisan crafted skincare products, formulated with select organic superfoods and essential oils, to nourish and replenish the largest organ we have… our skin. As a former cancer research technologist, Heather has developed a unique perspective about food and its impact on the human body. She has come to believe that just as we need to pay close attention to what we put in our bodies for optimal health and wellness, we need to pay equal attention to what we put on our bodies.

The skin is a living, breathing organ with an important and often overwhelming job to do. When not properly fed, it can develop issues (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne) that are difficult to resolve. That’s why, if we want our skin to stay fresh, clear and youthful, it’s vital that we feed, nurture and protect it.

Bonus: We will be giving away a free Wheat Grass Beauty Bar from Heather’s line. Call the Becoming Elli Voicemail by December 31, 2018  at 330-970-6662. Leave your name, that you’re interested in the beauty bar and be sure to include a way for us to contact you.

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3 thoughts on “Eat Well to Live Well – Heather Lentz”

    1. Wendy –
      When I was reading your post on Saturday, I thought the exact same thing. It’s actually odd how often people judge what other people eat. And even while we are trying to discover healthy habits here on Becoming Elli, I worry that we may come across as food shaming by judging certain foods (and the people that eat it) as bad and good. As Heather pointed out, you have to meet people where they are. It’s similar with running as well. Mileage, speed, and so on. I need to be mindful in my quest to improve myself with goals and training plans, that I don’t slight someone else. I know how it feels when someone dismisses my efforts. It hurts when I’m doing something I haven’t tried before but it is “old hat” to them.
      Thanks for commenting! Chris

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